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I’ve been extremely impressed by Stephanie’s creative flair but also her strong
managerial qualities. It’s not an easy task to handle such a large number of different stakeholders and external suppliers, yet this is something which Stephanie does effortlessly.
— Lily-Ann B. / Merlin Magic Making
Stephanie is thoughtful and sensitive to taking first-time design clients through her process. We love our drapes and refreshed guest room.
— Christine N. / Homeowner
Stephanie helped us with design concepts, and material selection for the renovation of our North Bay assisted living community. We look forward to working with her on our future projects
— Andrew M. / Luma Senior Living
Stephanie’s abilities transcend her role as the Interior Designer. She has excellent working knowledge of building codes and has the technical ability to implement highly complex theming elements into the family-focused resort hotels. She is by far the most knowledgeable team member about every element of the hotel and acutely aware of the owner’s vision.

I have also witnessed the transition of Stephanie’s soft skills over the years. She has developed sensitivity and tact in dealing with complex politics within a large organization. She knows when to push,
when to pull, and when to finesse. Ultimately, she maintains her position as a stanch advocate for
quality and for the owner’s interests.
— Ted G. / Project Management Advisors
We have lived in our home for 25 years and had no idea how to make is functional or visually pleasing. So we finally called Stephanie and said HELP! I could not articulate what I wanted or needed. Our home is 1800 sqf and all on 1 level. There were several small rooms making the house feel dark, separated and not functional. Within a very short space of time, Stephanie helped me to determine what I wanted and what I liked and what I wanted to live in...whoa. She designed a plan that made sense and we were excited about and in budget! The work was completed and we have since lived in that home for 4 years and every day my husband and I marvel at what we accomplished! The house has the exact feel we have always wanted but didn’t know how to express. It’s light, open, cosy and oh so functional. I breathe easy in our home. We can’t wait to go home to our retreat. We wonder why we waited soooo long to do this....maybe it was because we just kept trying to figure it out on our own - wasting so much time, energy and money. I mean how hard could this be...I watched a bijillion design shows over the years but could never figure out how to make this awkward space into a retreat.
Stephanie I cannot thank you enough.
Since then we have moved to a new state. And our beautiful home sold in 12 days...seriously. And the comments just kept coming on how beautiful our modest home is. Seriously. We do not live in a high end area and our home is pretty simple. But it evokes such a calm, serene, retreat feel. That home now gets to bless someone else :)
— Irene D. / Homeowner