Potential: The Renewing of things

A couple days ago I went on an errand and came back with this chair. It looks like its been very well used, but not well loved and its quirky size and exposed frame drew me in. I loved the mimimal, but in all the right places cushioning, and the eased edges and slight curves in the back supports. I thought for a long time about if I should take this home prior to lifting it into my Prius (Yes, a Prius, and no - it didn't fit really, but I made it. I drove home open hatch with this thing hanging out, ratcheted in).


My vision for this chair goes beyond just a little project for myself. As many of you know, I am currently working with several families to rebuild and furnish their homes. Recently one of my clients remarked “everything feels soulless and new - its like living in a hotel”. I want to change that.

I want to give my community tactical/practical ideas of using items with great craftsmanship, classic design, and the value of objects with past lives to give character to their very new homes. I am endeavoring to bring classic textiles refurbished/reupholstered antiques and artifacts into each home I create for my rebuilding clients to create items of special unique value - items that are irreplaceable, like those that have been lost to them. 
I will be doing the upholstery work myself - clearly I am a designer who is very hands on, and working hard to share my story and message of valuing antique pieces by giving them new life and living with them in our new homes. I have reupholstered several pieces in the past, and undertaking this is just another part of wanting to create something new out of something old that still has a lot to give to a home.

My favorite option is the first after the “current” picture. What do you all think for fabric? I am obsessed with Citrus Garden by Josef Frank via @Schumacher1889 - I think it is the perfect match to this funky large recliner as its large scale pattern and negative space provide levity and lift. I did these quick mockups to visualize scale and have variations blocking out some parts with stripes or color with the main pattern and am just stuck on the Citrus - what do you all think of the options?