Creating CONTENTment

A small thought for today. I have been thinking about content I create and want to focus on how this can be used for creating contentMENT instead of just a constant appetite for more content. So how do I do that? How as a designer who is helping to create new space, do I span the extremes of maximalism and minimalism. Do I encourage materialistic thinking by posting interior photos, or am I just celebrating beauty? These are the questions I have been pondering and trying to make sure I refine with what I truly want for myself, my company, and my clients.

We hear the lots of advice all the time that speak of caring for ourselves wisely. Anthems of "love yourself", "self care", "treat yourself" - I think there is a time and place for many of these, but with my design practice, I have been contemplating the space I particularly want to occupy.

Design is often seen as a luxury service product. That is wonderful, but I want to help people - typically those in the luxury market are looking for fullfillment from things and I don't want to feed insatiable appetites. I want to work with the projects that are trying hard to have a space that supports meaningful lives. Not create spaces full of more things to impress people and attempt to purchase self-worth.

I want to help you create a space that supports you in who you are meant to be, who you need to be for others, and doesn't burden you with keeping up with the Joneses! Let's create spaces that represent heirloom living - purchasing thinking its for life - not for a season. Sounds pretty wild right? It's what most generations before us did and I want to get back to that slow, earned, and meaningful living. 

So what does that look like? I think it means buying well once. Buy things with good bones. Sure - in a decade or less perhaps we reupholster it, but think about how much less wasteful that is than the Costco couch on the curb? Something beautiful that your children would want is more meaningful, stylish, and simple to restyle as time goes by. If you really have a change of heart, then its also will fare much better in re-sale (you avoid the curb completely!).

What if this was our approach to everything? You see how it would put us in a place of buying better instead of whats available with free shipping and super cheap? Take the time to invest and slowly build your home. It will feel much more your own that way and support who you are, remind you of where you have been, and show others the authentic journey you have been on.

This is a concept I will be making more present in my own life and practice. I am sure there will be more to write about as I dig in and see how this applies on every level and gives more meaning to how I live and encourage my clients to as well!

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