What is your space telling you?

I have been in a couple new client homes this week and there is a theme whenever I walk in. People are terrified of being judged - they want help, and they are being vulnerable with me, showing me where they are and asking me to help them get somewhere else. I find that I am a translator of what a space is saying to its owner many times. We need to figure out what it says about the owner and why they are in conflict. Basically, I am a space planning counselor.

Sometimes it's an awareness that the home isn't serving who they are in a new chapter of life, sometimes it's that we need to move things around and just give a fresh perspective in less impactful ways than a full renovation. I like to think about it like that line from Sheryl's Crow's summer anthem Soak up the Sun "It's not having what you want, It's wanting what you've got".  

Look around today, don't be hard on yourself, no judgment needed - just awareness and willingness to listen and make small changes. Think about what your space is saying about you. What little changes could you make today to make it fit a little better? Think about it like a belt around that too big dress or drapey long cardigan over that too small dress :)

Bottom Line: If your home could talk, what would it say to you right now?