Snooping on myself

As I have been reading through Snoop a book by Dr. Sam Gosling, I have been reminded that there is a Ying and Yang to spaces reflecting who we are - they many times point and tell things we might be masking! There is the picture ready home we all want, but day to day we can be faced with often messy reality of living and sharing the same space, cooking, personality differences and what our schedules and stress levels might influence.

As a designer I am paid to see needs, patterns, systems, schedules and create working space for these. In my own home, sometimes these things can be neglected (the cobbler has no shoes!) or perhaps not as intentional as I could be. It has been a fun exercise to put on a new pair of lenses and see what my space might be telling you that I might not! See below for what I am beginning to see. 

My Library Desk - many times I can be found elsewhere, but this is where my many reference books live.
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Art & Photos: You see some identity reinforcement - I have personal photos of friends and family - some of this notes the day life changed hugely for me, the people who have been with me through it all, and who I feel I am - a wife, daughter, sister, friend. I put them there for those visiting and for myself to understand who I am and keep the plot going perhaps - we all are pulled in different directions and have to constantly re-evaluate who we to those important to us, and who we choose to be for ourselves.

That Basket: As a designer, it may surprise you that my home is not always in a photo-ready state. This I have recently learned is largely due to "behavioral residue" that speaks of my frequent dashing in and out of the door and not taking time to put things in specified places.

"Emotional Regulation" Art: The biggest piece of artwork is a lovely piece from the Rifle Paper Co. that says "Forever is Composed of Nows" a quote from Emily Dickinson. So this is where I look up and think - it is a call to action and a reminder that life is precious and time is not renewable - a visual motivation medicine if you will. This is constantly there urging me on to keep making progress despite not feeling like it or approaching overwhelm. According to snoop - I am the more anxious type of person requiring visual medication - I think that is a good trait for a designer - we are supposed to be good at medicating people with good vibes in space!

That Chok's Box: More "behavioral residue" category too. I have all sorts of systems for keeping things somewhat neat, but in that box - theres no neatness. Call it the "junk drawer" of my desk.

Isn't she lovely?
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My sassy Mulata:  I am typically so focused on other people's needs and artifacts that its fun to take a step back and really think deeply about my own. This wonderful woman came with us from Cuba along with the license plate. We have tons of photos, but for some reason, these pieces are all I felt I wanted prevalently in our space. I love the sassy face she is making and feel like she her moxie gives me a little push to be braver. Her story is one of international socio economic intrigue - see more here. 

I've got books on books.
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If you look at my bookshelf, you will see a wide variety of books - mostly design related, some on religious matters, and others on massage and yoga - in between a few titles on interests like photography and travel destinations. The placement of these is front and center when you come into our home, the reasoning is more about practicality than trying to show off my library, but I do feel like the books are some kind of representation I want to project as someone who is curious and likes to learn by reading.

Have you ever thought through why your space reflects you and what pieces/parts it might be reflecting unintentionally? This is a new and interesting way for me to perceive space, I think we all have a sense of looking for cues and clues to make an impression, but taking a deep dive in this book and knowing qualitative studies that show trends in behavior and objects is super interesting to me - I'm a #designerd ok?

That's all I have for now, but as I keep reading I am sure more will start coming out.