Design for Everyone


I took a leap and posted this to a community group I am involved in - it was scary to post to what I feel might be the entire city and hope that they didn't view this as some predatory ploy! It's sometimes hard to reach out to help when you are afraid of how you might be perceived, I decided I needed to reach out anyway. When you open yourself up, you might open yourself to criticism, but also to positive opportunities that actuall align to your intention!

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Everyone deserves the chance to work with a designer - especially those who have been through so much. I don't care what their budget is. Please contact me if you are in this boat as I will be dedicating time each week to 3-4 FREE consultations. I have already received a couple emails which feels so great - it gives me joy to help people heal and recreate their homes.

I have been doing a lot of reading lately (avoiding the hot outdoors) and was shocked by the tone of some design articles. There is a movement whereby a certain budget should be the threshold for even consulting with someone about their home and offering them the chance to form a working relationship.  I don't agree with this - its important to treat everyone well and as we would want to be treated.

I am not only a designer for second homes and 5-star hotels, I also want to be a designer for those who are just needing support in making their homes and offices work for them on a shoestring budget. I don't promise to make something out of nothing, but I can at least give you some ideas or guidance!

Here in Santa Rosa, we are currently regrouping after a catastrophic series of fires - this morning I went on Facebook to a group to post that I will be giving free consultations to those who want guidance, counsel, or just some confidence in their selections! I think design is an important part of building community - and for me I saw this as an opportunity to help rebuild part of it.