Grow where you are planted


Since April I think every major part of my life has been affected by huge change.  The firm I have worked for was acquired, I got married, I moved cross country, traveled out of country - lots of changes!

Planning an executing a wedding is no small task - as a creative who had a vision this made it my second job. I am so grateful for all of the vendors, friends, and family who came together to give us a dream come true wedding day. It is the most surreal day of your nearest and dearest passing by smiling, taking pictures, dancing - the fastest 6 hours I have ever lived. 

Since our wedding we traveled through the Greek Isles and have come back to Northern California to settle down. I have been working remotely and trying to grow new roots. I have been thinking a lot about the saying "grow where you are planted". It took a lot to uproot from Florida and I know it was something I needed - but I was a very comfortable plant!

Starting over in a new place forces you to take hard looks at yourself several times a day and evaluate who you are and who you are choosing to become. Marriage also prompts these questions, needless to say a lot of soul searching has been going on.

This new chapter is exciting and terrifying. There is all the opportunity of starting fresh and the pressure to make sure to do everything right, make the best decisions - but feeling a little insecure in learning a new place, meeting and starting a whole new social structure, and of course now being half of a married pair!

Overall I have been asked pretty regularly how I am liking California and how the change has been. The sum of all parts is this:

I am excited for the future, grateful for my past, and eager to find my place here.