Place & Space

As an interior designer, the concepts informing space are quite often more broad. Design for public or transient space does not seek to personalize design to the level of those who are living in the space, their personalities, hobbies, lifestyle, etc.

The overall functions and forms are based on something higher and impersonal - design for the masses. How often do you have a personal connection to public spaces?

Is it content within a space we relate to? Perhaps items that resonate with a memory?
Is it the story these places tell?

A museum for example many times plays a supporting role - and needs to for the displays to dominate the guest experience. This begins to cross the line of personal and public, residential and commercial.

My goal is to investigate this more within my own design work. The line between personal experience, function, and public use. How do we connect more in a world that is increasingly virtual and is experienced on a screen while ignoring the space we hurtle through.

Look around and see what speaks to you wherever you find yourself. Airport, Museum, Government Office, or Hotel Lobby. Make the effort to relate to the space you are occupying.